Monday 22 December 2008


I can remember when we would choose spectacles according to the shape of our face. It now seems the selection process has been replaced by simply opting for the shallow rectangle framed glasses, preferred by newsreaders, believing they will entrust a professional, media type kudos.

Spectacle haute couture, once exclusive to the pages of Cosmopolitan and Vanity Fair now shows itself ostentatiously on faces that require more than the usual suspension of disbelief. Just as advertising men are able to hoodwink fools into believing a shiny new car shown cruising the Italian alps will offer similar accolade on an English suburban council estate, opticians rub their hands and nod with approval as overweight and unfortunate looking souls in pursuit of a makeover, try on a pair of shallow newsreader spectacles.

I am reminded of people who build porches on their council houses believing that they will jump from band A to band D and similarly of those who misunderstand sartarial protocol; If you dress like a pratt then people will notice what you're wearing, but if you dress sharply - then people will notice the person inside.

The Times