Monday 22 December 2008


Councillor Westwood's recent comments concerning the controversial opening of Torbay's new lap dancing club were no doubt spoken in the interest of the majority and indeed, I’m inclined to tilt my hat to this gentleman and offer him a cigar.

It is common today for women to prostitute themselves by flaunting their flesh for personal gain. Either by stripping, pole dancing or simply wearing a short skirt and low top on a Saturday night in return for alcoholic remuneration from the man stood at the end of the bar, it has become acceptable in our society.

Walk into any newsagent or supermarket today and the shelves are full of magazines depicting images of nearly naked women in provocative poses. I even once saw a photograph of a naked woman holding a fish on the front cover of a Trout Fishing magazine.

It's what women do. So why all the fuss now?

Torquay Herald Express